What?  The thing is, I am bored. Truly tired of the life I live daily. I suppose most of the reason is the snow and the cold. In order to entertain my self a small amount I have hung a small brick of bird seed from a rafter on my deck. Wren seed is what it is billed as but every so often a big bluejay will try and land on it. No go big fella. That reminds me of when I was very young and went to try on a 1968 Triumph sports car. I believe it was a TR3. I had just graduated from High school year prior and was looking to make my mark in the world of cool. So I was looking at cool cars. I went to the dealership and the sales guy says to me…I don’t think you will fit…Well..I was a big guy at six two and 220lbs. I crammed my self in to the little car and aI couldn’t get out gracefully. I had to roll out on to the floor and crawl out like a spider. Needless to say I didn’t feel very cool. I later bought a full sized red Plymouth convertible. Beautiful car and only 2 yrs old. I never should have let it get away. But as so often happens we let pieces of ourselves go and leave our domain only to regret it later and I have always done that. If only I had listened to grandpa who told me to never sell it. Sorry Grandpa. I needed a truck for work and play. Lots of fun was had with that truck, but still miss my convertible.

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