Murder has always been a choice. Not the best decision a person could ever make. Why do I want to talk about murder? I don’t. It’s that simple. I never want to talk about

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A Stake In The heart

anyone I know losing their life, violently or otherwise. That, however, is what the news contains these days. Violent crimes against others of the same species. That of course would be us, humans. We seem to be the most violent of all God’s creations. Why are we this way? I would offer the explanation that we are more animal than the animals. We are top of the line predators. Is this a natural place for us to live in our hearts? Why is it that young people are so quick to anger? Older people have a balance, after having lived awhile and losing loved ones, to that violence. There is also the realization that our life’s span, is way too short. I am now nearing seventy years old and staring down the biggest and scariest gun of them all, old age. Most will argue with me on that, as a point of contention. Of this I am quite sure. Doesn’t matter. Our days are numbered and ticking off the clock. Unfortunately, it seems the hands of the clock are moving in double time.

     Do you cry a lot? I don’t either. When I do, I often think of what my dad used to say, when I got hurt as a child. “Rub some dirt on it, boy. You’ll be fine.” Now that I am an adult, salving my injuries is not that simple anymore. Most injuries for me now are not physical. They are typically the pain I feel in my heart and sometimes as deep as my soul. How do I heal those aches and pains with a handful of dirt? My smile hides it all. The niceties, I convey, often mask much, deeper wounds than I can share with others. Why does this happen to us? When young, we cry easily. Too easily. Time rolls along and we learn how to shut off the emotional bleeding, at least in public. You might liken tears to a sneeze. Controlled and negated. I have figured out for myself the only true and unstoppable way to never cry again. LOVE. A simple enough word to spell, but my friends, it’s so very hard to make it a daily requirement in our lives. Once we learn this technique it is easy. LOVE. Even though you don’t like, you need to master the art of love. It is in your heart and your soul. Feel it and exude it. Let it reek from your pores and watch the heat waves rise from you as the love radiates. Love is not cold or tepid, nor is it easy. It is difficult to love, until you know how. There is no doubt of that. See it and feel it as it flows through you and into the world. Love is a killer. Yes, it will kill hate and smother the hardest of hideous ugly hating hearts.

Randy Cobleigh

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  1. How true that the scariest gun of all is old age! I too feel the ticking of time on a daily basis. I take care of my grand kids that are 13,11,8 and 5 and know I will probably not (especially the two youngest) get see them graduate from college and begin their adult lives. That saddens me, yet also encourages me to revel in every moment I do have with them!
    I continue to enjoy your writing. Keep it up!

  2. thank you kay…you know you can go to my site and read many other things? thanks for helping out. I hope you guys are recouped from your terrible ending to your cool trip

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