I was able to have this story posted in our local newspaper. The Martin City Telegraph

To whom it may concern on the staff of your wonderful paper:
I have noticed that your paper is not big on human interest stories. Although, it could be said that your entire paper is just that. My name is Randy Cobleigh and I live close by. My wife and I stumbled on this, Tale of the Duck, a few days back and I have written a few lines about it. I was thinking possibly you would be interested.

Please feel free to use it if you choose to do so. Like most of the residents in this area I totally enjoy your paper.
Randy Cobleigh

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The Red Bridge Duck

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“Lucky”, The Red Bridge Duck

It was his lucky day. That’s really all that could be said. We marveled at the fact that he was there at all. No one around the Red Bridge Shopping Center knew anything about him. Not often or maybe even ever, has a stray duck taken refuge under the wide roof overhanging the front of this family style shopping area. Several of us stood quite near, as he rested with his back against the brick wall, with those big webbed feet solidly planted on the cold sidewalk. The fact that we had him surrounded should have made him nervous enough to announce his displeasure. But no, he had absolutely nothing to say. Given his dire circumstances, A few protesting quacks would have seemed appropriate. Not even a peep. A descriptive word like “Stoic”, would have fit his temperament, except he was also relaxed and almost sleepy. No ordinary white domestic duck. Black and white were his two dominant colors, but he also sported a fashionable red mask around his eyes. He stood perfectly still, only two feet from us and looking directly into our eyes. That was one reason we felt he was possibly a local pet, but also thought he might be lost and tired.
My wife and I had just arrived at Blue Bicycle Fitness in the Red Bridge Shopping Center. We were greeted by Brook, my friend and Fitness Trainer. This day was starting out a little different. Brook was grinning a big smile of awe and excitement, as my wife Beth and I walked up to the front of our car. He pointed towards the wayward duck. “Would you look at that? He has been here since I arrived at four a.m. this morning. Hasn’t moved from that spot.” Indeed, the little fellow seemed to be glued to the sidewalk. Beth thought that possibly it had gotten separated from its flock and wandered under the overhang, in front of the exercise studio. By doing so he became an immediate celebrity. Many people had heard about him and were passing by, commenting on his plight. I have to say he landed in exactly the right spot. If he hadn’t, possibly he wouldn’t have gotten a bowl of water to drink or had a breakfast of popcorn. All that was courtesy of my friend, Brook.
The debate was underway between many of those admiring the young duck. What can we do to help? Even though there were many solid ideas, no one had time to take up the charge of “save the duck.” Brook had done his part, and now Beth said it was up to us to find him some shelter or a home. We first got a few ideas on duck care from Euston hardware and drove back in his direction. Vito’s barbershop has been a fixture at this shopping center forever and I felt like I had known him that long. He gave us his copy of the Martin City Telegraph and we called their number and waited in our car with a cup of Crow’s coffee. I talked with Sue at the newspaper office and many others in the family of Red Bridge shops, who gave us ideas. Finally getting in touch with our neighborhood conservation agent, he gave us the phone number of a bird rescue shelter, in Grandview, and a woman there named Julie. Thanks to everyone’s help we were able to wave a magic wand over our little friend and he was safely on his way to rehab. Hopefully, to be adopted and if his luck holds, he might be given a good home. Maybe, that was his name all along, “Lucky”.

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