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Whisper To Me….. My story of conquering drug addiction and losing over 200 lbs How Gods Angels pulled me out of hell’s flames and helped me come back to the life I love with my devoted and loving wife, Beth.

Pound Your Chest?

Beat the drum in the tempo of your heart. Squeeze your temples until your eyes bleed and scream to the world that you surely know. Positively you know. We are with you in concert. So we know. We all know…but no…t because we know? No…only by rote have we learned. Is it truth? You won’t know, and I won’t know, oh wait…there is an … Read More Pound Your Chest?

I finished my book and is available on Amazon…whisper to me…Sweet breath of life divine.

Ready for fishes

Looks like the weather is warming up and the little fishes are eager to jump on my hook and entertain me. WHO’S WITH ME? LET`S GO FIND A FISHING HOLE AND SOME SHADE. A couple of rods…a chair…some coffee…a sandwhich and my dog….I’m all set…. Gone fishing……

Thinking of You

Well no, it hasn’t been good now, for quite a spell It got me to thinking how we used to get on so well There were plenty of times we could’ve been great Ah, but you weren’t so keen on me staying real late You made up stories about new styles in your hair We never went out or got seen any where So … Read More Thinking of You


I was wondering:

Who’s going the wrong way?


Life is new

Wings float on the wind

Once There was a Lover

Once there was a lover, who made me cry but I don’t know why I don’t react that way today. Maybe as the time went along and the lies and the lines were all gone or the memory blurred and I forgot the words. Used to be a sad memory, waiting there inside of me, but the pain is gone and my heart is … Read More Once There was a Lover

There is a Silence

There is a silence An inner pool A reservoir of quiet fortitude A stillness of immense depth There is a silence Like a bird in flite it soars Confident  of itself, and yet Reliant on its unseen support   This is an excerpt from my book…WHISPER TO ME. Randy Copyright 2018, all right reserved.  

I love a spring day

Its grand to feel spring is in the air.           Little green things growing everywhere Flowers and trees blades of pale green grass. Step outside not looking through a glass Bunnies, squirrels and robins share the ground..I watch them play and I’m glad spring has come back around.  



love…is a killer
let it reek from your pores…feel it and exude it

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