Month: June 2019


There is only one question on my mind at the present and it coincides with the novel I am about to finish…Titled..”Kidnapping The Future”….and of course you thought it would be titled …. What if?  How wrong you would be. That is the premise of the story though. WHAT IF?  WHAT IF,  YOU DISCOVERED YOUR WIFE  HAD DISAPPEARED AND TAKEN TO 1888? THE MEANS OF DOING … Read More QUESTION?

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Doorway to Heaven…My Heaven

A snippet from the new book I am writing…entitled ….Kidnapping the Future…. I had not intended to become an old man. Somehow it had just sneaked up on me, and now I was older than my father ever was, when I first started referring to him as old. I think I was in the eighth grade and just a mere 13 when I first … Read More Doorway to Heaven…My Heaven

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