a few weeks back. my knee popped out of place and I asked for prayers

yesterday in went back where it belonged and now I am walking again.

This after dr.s told me there was nothing wrong with it.

Thanks to those of you that helped me.

5 Comments on “Prayers answered…thanks

  1. Thanks…yes I was walking all bent over my knee popped with a loud snap. Thought I was going to fall…but just the opposite….yea…

  2. Thanks Lydia…it was a surprise…snapped in place as fast as it went out. All pain w a s gone too.ahhh the miracle of prayer. Its worked for me before. Being a large home schooled family..I doubt you would buy my book. If you gave me some place to send it….not your addy…I will send you a copy…m Uiracles have happened to me several times. Take care kid…later

  3. Sure…no problem. It won’t hurt my feelings if you never read it. Be safe and careful.
    Maybe when you reach 21 and I’m 75I’ll send you a …copy…..lol

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