What is it that you feel about infinity? Does it contain all the knowledge in the Cosmos? If, you answered, in the affirmative, then the next question should be…is the entirety of the universe filled with God? Is God such a large being that the universal Cosmos is his being? I think these are questions which have been asked for as long as God has been in our minds, hearts and souls. If you have taken the time to read this then you are like me, a curious God seeker. I have been there all of my seventy years. Well, let’s say sixty years because until around ten years old we can barely think for ourselves. I was raised with the life’s energy directed to knowing the Almighty.

I spent many arduous years in the study of God in a private school. It wasn’t an easy time. Those teachers in the fifties and sixties had more leeway than schools do now, I have been beat, pummeled and paddled so many times I would sooner forget those times than mull them over with you. Suffice to say I could write a book just on those experiences alone. But, the saving grace of all that punishing style of teaching, served us quite effectively. We learned both manners and good study habits along with an appreciation of the more elusive and deeper paths to finding our own personal heaven on earth or nirvana. Certainly depends on your physical up bringing during childhood and who was your mentor in life’s sacred directions. You want to find God…look inside of yourself, to the God particle inside. That’s where you will connect and grow into a Christlike being in your own rite.

Where is it? Where do you stand? Your hard-fixed opinion on that giant universal spirit of…well let’s see, can we call it Love? Or does it by necessity need that three letter word attached to it? Just for comfort sake? Can’t you get around that and realize that this being we call God, mostly likely doesn’t even have a name. Not really. Who would have given it to him? His momma? Supposedly from everything we’ve been taught that Supreme being never had parents. He just always …WAS. No beginning and no ending. I have a theory on that too. Suppose this wonderous being was all alone, nothing to feel or touch or taste. No emotions or sunrises and certainly no children to warm his heart. That is if he has a heart? If he is all spirit why would he need a heart? Okay, think along these lines for a moment. God, the great and wonderous being was alone, floating in space and could dream. Dream of all the things this world has become, but in no way, could he experience them. Remember he is a spirit, not flesh and blood with feelings of pain when the knee get old. Or carpal tunnel from too much working with his hands. No, he was a spirit and spirits don’t feel the pain of human living. But he had an answer. Explore those thing through the human that come back to him with their God particle still intact and clean enough o connect with your spirits father. Like the so called chip off the old block. SO, WHEN DEATH FOR US COMES AROUND, SHOULD WE BE FRIGHTENED? No, because we will soon be in the bosom of God and sharing your life’s tales with the being that can’t feel them himself.

You can talk and learn and believe that you know God. Dance and swirl in circles and cry or sing while dancing with your arms raised high screaming, Praises to the Almighty or Jesus or Allah. Will that method of communing with the Divine work? Quite possibly. They never worked for me. But we aren’t the same. If it works for you and you know God through other methodologies, I wish you the best that God has to offer. I prefer a more quiet style. I am a quiet man and it works for me. If I am yelling and dancing, how will I hear him when that small still voice in the wilderness calls my name? By the way, I have heard that voice. Many times it has called me and shared enlightenments with me. There is no way I could have brought such spiritual poetry into this world, or have the means to forth writings and ideas with such depth. I wouldn’t and couldn’t have known how to work my computer and type down things that come to me, when I am still and listen. When I was in school I didn’t get good grades. I actually received a failing grade in science. That grade would have kept me from graduating but the teacher was a good man and a believer in passing on the love of God when he had the chance. It was not a big deal but he gave me a passing grade and I was free from learning. Two subjects have always been my downfall when in school. Science and Math. They are loaded with logic and I apparently have only a small thimble full of that substance. I was always an artist or writer or singer. Things that require intuition and a belief in more than just me, knowing it all. No I was always a listener and an observer and now I use my intuition and beliefs in God to listen to that voice that cries out in the wilderness. I have hear my name called in the wind.

I found no answers, in all the places I was told he could be found. Nothing but singing and dancing much like the pagans did when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments. How can God be on a mountain and speak to one old man? But He did. I believe he also did so with me. I was given a poem that guides me to this day.


“To love, is to live in me! To live is to Love, in me”

Randy cobleigh copyright 2019 all rights reserved

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