Month: April 2019

Once There was a Lover

Once there was a lover, who made me cry but I don’t know why I don’t react that way today. Maybe as the time went along and the lies and the lines were all gone or the memory blurred and I forgot the words. Used to be a sad memory, waiting there inside of me, but the pain is gone and my heart is … Read More Once There was a Lover

There is a Silence

There is a silence An inner pool A reservoir of quiet fortitude A stillness of immense depth There is a silence Like a bird in flite it soars Confident  of itself, and yet Reliant on its unseen support   This is an excerpt from my book…WHISPER TO ME. Randy Copyright 2018, all right reserved.  

I love a spring day

Its grand to feel spring is in the air.           Little green things growing everywhere Flowers and trees blades of pale green grass. Step outside not looking through a glass Bunnies, squirrels and robins share the ground..I watch them play and I’m glad spring has come back around.  



love…is a killer
let it reek from your pores…feel it and exude it

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