Beat the drum in the tempo of your heart. Squeeze your temples until your eyes bleed and scream to the world that you surely know. Positively you know. We are with you in concert. So we know. We all know…but no…t because we know? No…only by rote have we learned. Is it truth? You won’t know, and I won’t know, oh wait…there is an aside here…an exception, just like with any rule, always an exception. But which are you and more importantly…which am I?

Whence comes the knight? Is he beautiful to behold? Will he hold his sword high enough to touch the Sons Light? Do the Beams of The Just King radiate And scorch the tongue, purify the wordy sword of The One That Has Chosen Himself to bestow The Knowledge Of Power And Righteousness, on us?

That is a lot of wordy blathering to introduce this essay I wrote a few years ago, and just recently rediscovered in a stack of dusty spiral notebooks. It is entitled: NEED TO KNOW…

I need to know, as you do that God is here, right here within us and waiting in quiet anticipation for the day when our spiritual awareness awakens and the dawning of our spirit shines forth in our hearts, minds and souls. Spiritual birth or being “Born Again” is a term used with some regularity. Is it total rebirth, or a tool used to garner recruits? Is it a true awakening? Am I a blasphemous lunatic, a wandering prophet, or more likely the most common of humans…lost and confused sheep struggling through the maze of truth and lies that have been delivered to us time and again by various worldly sources and teachings assimilated and cast out to us, the followers of so many philosophies? Is God encompassing every minute particle of infinity? Or not? What is the TRUE NAME of this most powerful entity in our lives? Does it really matter? It would be great if just for convenience and to quell and stifle the world’s religious radicals from continually stirring the pot of zealotry. Maybe then you and I from different backgrounds and countries could finally let it rest and smooth our ruffled feathers. A society with tolerance for all.

Randy Cobleigh @2019

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