Well no, it hasn’t been good now, for quite a spell

It got me to thinking how we used to get on so well

There were plenty of times we could’ve been great

Ah, but you weren’t so keen on me staying real late

You made up stories about new styles in your hair

We never went out or got seen any where

So I’ m sitting in a small town bar that’s far from you

There’s plenty of girls who have come here too

There’s a crowd at a table doing shots of rum

Some other guy’s in the corner trying to get him some

Me, well I’m at the edge of the bar, thinking of you

Arrived here in pain but wow, new girls, I’m good as new

I came here alone to try and have some fun

That little freckle faced girl, well she could be the one

Maybe next time I tell you goodbye

You might pretend like maybe you could cry.

Eeyeah….? yeah…..huh? Oh well…what do I do?

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