Which is the most exciting? Most of the time, certainly not all of the time I would have thought it was the touch that delivered the most excitement. Time was, maybe that was true enough. Unfortunately, I am not a strutting rooster in the prime of my hormonal fireworks. No indeed. Aging does that to a man. Women, well I am not so sure. Ladies seem to be able to function if not as scorching hot as the original, certainly a more refined and sensuous version of their earlier selves.

I am all about the anticipation of my wife’s warm touch. Her gentle hand, the brush of her full lips on my cheek creates a rosy glow. Probably the most important tool in her arsenal, is the radiance brought to bear on any of my grey days. She need only to grace me with her lovely and enticing smile. Bird songs of red breasted robins fill the morning. The chill of the air warms with the fluttering of tiny wings of the Ruby Throat humming birds dancing on the wind. My hand in hers, as it has been for forty three years, creates the balance and the intertwining or our spirits and melodious rhapsody of our souls.

property of and created by randy cobleigh copyright 2019

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