Yesterday or today, it doesn’t really seem to matter. They all seem to melt into the same uneventful life of a seventy-year old. Don’t misunderstand me. I love being alive and smelling the fresh air and hearing the birds sing early in the mornings when I step out onto my back porch.  But every now and again my imagination runs rampant much like the old story of Walter Mitty. Somedays I would like to feel some excitement or do something that makes my neck hairs tingle as they rub-up against my collar. Then the real telltale symptom of that ultra-whoosh and swoosh growl of excitement is when the stomach gets into that nauseous, sick frog jumping around behind the belly button and kicking the lower ribs with its tiny green webbed feet, feeling. You know the one I mean, I hope. But at my age, how do I get that? I could become a criminal and rob banks, I can guarantee that would be exciting, but I can also guarantee I would get caught and end up in jail. That would be much more excitement than I could handle. Having an affair is certainly out, because I’ve been married now for over forty years and I just won’t go there, at all. What does that leave? Well now, I am losing weight and getting back to my handsome self. That is so much a good thing, I can’t begin to quantify it.

I don’t really get it. I sat down here wanting to write a story of fiction and I end up blathering on about myself. I used to think I could be one of the great novelists of all time. So far, my imagination hasn’t taken me into orbit where I can see the future of a story far enough ahead to begin to write it. I have, however come up with a couple of titles that I like. I do that sometimes. Even as far back as my twenties and thirties when I wrote songs, that was a method I used. Write the title first and get an idea of where to go. So, I’ve been trying to create a logo for my blog, and I came up with this saying which I think is also a good book title:

“Life is Uphill in All Directions.” I really like that as a logo statement, but is it story material? We will soon see. The other title I like is: “The Sanity of My Insanity.” So, I don’t know, I like them both and I guess that means they will both be given a chance to live and escape my mind and jump onto a written page. They should feel good about themselves, because now, they will no longer be inanimate thought in the ethers of my mind but gain a certain amount of life and fluidity. Certainly, it sounds like I might have a small amount of insanity floating around in there, but I also have imagination and coax it to push out ideas.

The last couple of days have not gone so well for my writing. I’ve been frustrated, not with my ability to write new things but with the technical aspects of computers, websites and blogging. All I want to do is write and talk about what I feel and think and what stories are lurking around in my head, seeking a release into the world. Then the little things and secretarial issues jump out and kick me around. I’m just an old man that used to do construction work and tell other workers what to do. What do I really know of this techie stuff? Well more than many my age, this is true. But, lordy mercy great globs less than today’s kids.

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