So, we just had lunch at the Red Door Restaurant and I have to say I was very well behaved for being in such a nice eatery. If you know me at all. You know that for many years I have been a big eater. But since April of 2019 I have lost 200lbs.That’s in just eleven months. Pretty damn good. I was good at lunch today too.So, I guess if I’m going to talk about it, well, let’s get on with it…right? Shouldn’t dance around the subject or make too light of my situation. I have ALWAYS BEEN A BIG GUY, but I wasn’t always a huge man. That just happened in the last twenty five years. Since I am now seventy , yep, that gives me fifty years of being normal. I’ll have to surmise that I used food to pacify my desires for a bigger spot light in the world. So there is that. I will say I always wanted to have fame, but not for being the largest human in Kansas City. I am sure there are others larger some where around this town, but, I’ve never seen any that weighed in like I did at a little over five hundred pounds. That is dangerous to say the least and mostly it is just sad. I am now down to a trim three hundred and that means I have lost two hundred of those lb’s in just eleven months. As I said in the above paragraph we went out to a great little eatery in overland park and I impressed myself and the wife, because for the first time in a decade I was able to fit in a booth. I think that especially in this country of America people are getting fatter all the time. I also understand that many countries across the world are still hungry. I personally have never had that problem to be really hungry, well other that for a late night snack and I curtailed that along time back. I’ve had to throw all of my clothes out and get a few that I can wear right now. Thinking back on my fiftieth high school reunion..I went but it was an embarassment of course. At that time I was in a wheel chair and couldn’t really walk at all. Now I can get around with a cane but the damage is done to my hips, for sure. my knees have been replaced twice. Well I don’t really have more to say on this subject. So this evening of march 6th, I have been fighting with the local cable company. The show I look forward to all week is Survivor and so guess which channel is not playing? CBS of course…so no survivor show for us tonight. I am not very good at this blogging stuff I would rather write a story. Nobody comes and reads my stuff anyway so I am just going to go on and write more publishable stories. But in truth what good will that do me either? I write and write but mostly just to please my self. Over the years I have written poems, stories, books a couple of one act plays and then when I was much younger I wanted to be a music star, so I wrote a couple hundred songs too. But you know here I am at 70 yrs old and nobody has really seen or heard any of my stuff…well other than my wife and a few family members. It sucks that I have no real outlet for my creativity other than to write or sing for my wife to enjoy. Oh yeah and my dog like it too. Word Press ? I have been here a few days and still learning the ropes which means I am pretty much on my own. It was tough to set this stuff up but I had help from my seventh grade neighbor boy. He wasn’t put off at all…no big deal for him…funny. That pic of a boy in the life is what I had intended to use as a blog cover pic. But I haven’t gotten really a satisfactory hold or lock on this website yet. I am just kind of floundering around and feeling my way. I feel that most of the people are youths and old guys like me are out of our territory. Maybe..I dunno.The thing is I am bored. Not too much happens in the life at 70 yrs old. Unless I can manufacture it. The onus is on me. Yeah well it has always been on me I guess. There will come a time this spring when the weather will cooperate and I…well I won’t be hanging around here much. When the warmth of spring returns, the wife and I will return to our life of adventure on the road. For many years as youth we traveled and camped throughout the country. Quite enjoyable. some of the best times of our lives were had in the wild. Some of the best sex was had there too but I really don’t want to go there. That’s a private memory or memories that I enjoy only in the confines of my mind anymore. Like I said I am 70, so I don’t think I need to say more. But maybe i can regale this blog…not that anybody reads it…but still I can tell some good stories of trips down the rivers of Missouri and Arkansas. Have you ever been? Well the most important thing you need is a canoe. I suppose these days many people use kayaks. I’ve never had the enjoyment of that one. Canoes are great, two people and a dog plus gear can fit in a seventeen foot one and there is enough room for several days of packed goods. A leisurely float is what I always liked. Many people…kids mostly…didn’t feel they were doing their trip justice unless the paddled so much their arms almost fell off. Not for me. It’s called a float, not a race. Although there are races in canoes, but that is not for me. I prefer the float…leisurely floating along with the speed of the river’s current. I never had to work at it much, unless the water was in a rapid state. That can be fun too, just not when loaded with packs and food and a dog. As I recall…and it has been forty years since I have been…a typical float would consist of three to four days and traveling with the current our time would consist of approximately 22 to 25 miles, for a three and a half day trip. Of course we always fished along the way and that takes up some time too. If we found a deep hole we would often stop and break out the trout gear. There is nothing like a fresh one pound trout cooked on a river bank. I’m sure you are going to think that bigger is better, but it just isn’t so. The younger fish under two lbs are the tastiest. anything bigger and they get kind of super fishy and strong tasting. So, that is on my radar for this spring. Canoeing down a cold river and attempting to catch some trout for my lunch and maybe for dinner too. Bad thing is the wife hates I guess she will eat something else. That’s her problem. Yeah well, can I make it happen this year? I’m not sure. I’m really going to try.


It seems to be warming up some. Maybe spring is on its way. I need to find out how to submit items to the View/read thingy. Maybe I will ask my new friends.

I love it when green starts popping up out of the cold winter soil. I can’t hardly wait to see my flowers blooming or the trees showing their little buds. I don’t normally like ants but when the begin stomping all over my peony plants..I know the snow is gone for good, at least for this winter season. I don’t know why this winter weather bothered me so much but I have cabin fever this year. I am anxious for the smell of wild garlic and newly mown yards. The smell of the ozone just before a summer shower. Camping season can’t come soon enough. I’m ready to uncork my little tiny travel trailer and visit a few cool areas I haven’t been to before or in a long time.I envy those of you traveling great distances or floating in massive water cities. Sounds like fun, but my little trailer means I can enjoy the grat outdoors again. Smell the flowers and other aromas of spring awakening. I can’t hardly wait.

March 28th, 2019

What is it with age 70 that causes every one to freak out?

😭😭….when I turned 70 in Feb. It felt like any other birthday. But seems like so many of those near have turned into worrisome old ninnies. Its just another day. I feel better now than i have inthe last te n years of ailments and serious illnesses. I have lost 210lbs …lost 16 inches from my waist and down 5 shirt sizes from 8x to 3x and pant size from 64 to 48…still a big boy yes indeed…but so much more normal than i have been in yrs. I wasnt always huge like that as i worked in construction for 35 yrs…but when i got sick i went from hospitals to nursing homes and back. 3 knee replacements and a bad infection on the right knee. One replacement on the left, a broken hip with 4 screws to fix it. Gall bladder, two cataracts, a hernia, and a bariatric bypass. All of that led to many trips in the recovery facilities. And in turn…lots of eating. So now as I read on another blog…”onwards and upwards.”

So, one day in the scheme of our lives we will come to the realization that life isnt anywhere near what we dreamed for ourselves…well at leadt for many of us. I know first hand about that as I always dreamed of being an entertainer in many different ways. When I was a youth I of course idolized the rock and roll enigmas of that time period. Any where along the line from Chuck Berry to the Beatles. Oh, I was good..

Just not good enough or persistent…which gets you farther than being good sometimes. Then came the next phase, which was music and comedy together..and of course on to the next pie in the sky which was acting. Small stage and a commercial. But then on to the next songwriting and now I fancy being an author of poems and fictional short stories. I have tried a few novels that only got half finished.

But now at 70 yrs old, I wonder if any thing I write really matters at all. A few people get to see them in my family and since I joined the blog life a few more good folks have seen them. But what do I really think I want to happen? Is anything more important now than my good health I enjoy now or my beautiful wife of 43 years.? I am enjoying my life now…is there need for dreams to come true….still? I just don` t really know. Money? I don’t have that much..just safely situated. What more does there need to be? An airplane in my yard?

Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time.

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