Lightening excites the horizon as a slow rhythmic dance begins
My mind and body undulate with the cascading droplets descending
Face upturned and arms outstretched I touch the gray dangling feet
of the misty morning clouds I intertwine with the rain
A thousand ancient voices serenade our downward spiral
As the wind whistles in perfect harmony
Stately old oak trees harbor the winged nesting creatures
Turning their backs to the rain squirming in their beds
Silently lamenting our arrival
I am a dervish twisting and turning
Fragmenting into a hundred miniscule particles
Dancing lightly amongst the branches
To gently caress a multitude of tiny acorn faces
A leafy centaur momentarily blocks our downward plummet
Slaking it's thirst gently bending in grateful surrender
Craggy sunbaked surface becomes marshland
I return in joyous celebration of nature's wonderful mysteries

Randy Cobleigh@grandadstorysdotcom

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