Month: March 2019


OLD TIMERS…like me

memories of life spill out of my head like a waterfall.
will anyone care?
I doubt it. I am just another old man.


      I am quite sure that women’s opinions are that all men are liars and full of the devil. If you watch a woman’s face when she is lied to, you can tell she doesn’t belive a word of it. But, the reaction is always one of, o k a a ay, yeah, unh huh. She will let you think you got away … Read More WHO …ME?

An Extra Chance?

Sometimes giving someone another chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time.

My Alter Ego


The Touch or Anticipation

Her gentle hand, the brush of her full lips o my cheek

Mr. Logbook

    Yesterday or today, it doesn’t really seem to matter. They all seem to melt into the same uneventful life of a seventy-year old. Don’t misunderstand me. I love being alive and smelling the fresh air and hearing the birds sing early in the mornings when I step out onto my back porch.  But every now and again my imagination runs rampant much … Read More Mr. Logbook

Life is Uphill

Not only that but when times are tough I tell myself that life is uphill in every direction. That also is a good reason to take a fork in the road. Broaden my horizons with new discoveries. One of my best finds has been what I like to call “The river of Love and Knowledge. ” if you can match your vibratory rate to … Read More Life is Uphill


My Spring

A kiss of gold from heaven’s eyes

Stake In The Heart

via Stake In The Heart


There is a tradition in childhood camping. A physical rendition of poetic glamping Paint a rock to be hidden close somewhere Not so far your stone cries in despair This year or next a small humorous muse A bright smile, a child’s laugh, mom can always use. by Randy Cobleigh all rights reserved.

River of Flame

River of Flame



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